Tina (Baba Tahia)

Dance Instructor, Dancer, Vocalist

Having fallen in love with the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance while taking lessons in Little Rock, Arkansas, Tina longed to find a dance family in Northwest Arkansas after moving into the area. Here loving husband bought her a gift certificate for ATS lessons with TerraNova Tribal in 2011. Tina found a deep love for American Tribal Style and the sisterhood that goes with it. After years of lessons, she officially joined the troupe in 2016. She looks forward to sharing her great passion and joy of dance with the world and her dance sisters.


​Percussionist, Vocalist

​Drew started playing djembe around 2014 when TerraNova Tribal needed
to add a live, acoustic element to their performances.  After about 2
years of creating a foundation of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean
drum rhythms, he discovered the tupan/davul and promptly transitioned into the bigger sound that it offers.  He enjoys playing for dancers as well as other musicians and picking up on the subtle cues they both produce, and creating a backbone that helps everyone stand taller.



Scott loves hand drumming and particularly the Darbuka because of its range of sounds. He started playing Darbuka in 2010. He finds inspiration in the art of the dancers and other musicians who all combine their skills to create beauty. He loves the camaraderie formed while traveling and performing.



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Business Director, ATS Instructor, Dancer, Violin, Hurdy-gurdy

Michelle began studying bellydance in order to properly be in-character for a Halloween costume, fell in love, and immediately decided to continue learning the dance. Having studied Cabaret and Tribal Fusion with teachers across the U.S. since 2006, she began learning ATS in 2011 with TerraNova Tribal. The subtle communication between dancers and strong, feminine movements of the dance drew her in. She loves belonging to this tribe of women and is honored to teach ATS classes. She also performs Cabaret-style bellydance as a soloist. 




Angela took her mother-in-law’s advice and gave bellydancing classes a try over a decade ago, and  found this dance form to be a wonderful opportunity to be expressive and learn new ways to move and grow. Angela discovered American Tribal Style in 2009, when she saw TerraNova Tribal perform at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market and was immediately smitten with the grace, strength, and elegance of the ATS vocabulary. She has been performing with TNT since 2010.




FCBD® Sister STudio
Certification & Teacher Training 2011​

Diana specializes in American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusion because she loves how these dance forms promote body positivity.  As an advocate for healthy lifestyles, she uses these dance forms to help people of all skill levels foster a love for creative movement, for the world needs more happy dances.  

About TerraNova Tribal Bellydance Company

We are a tribe of dancers and musicians who work hard to shatter expectations and outdated misconceptions about belly dancing.  Since 2009,  we have spent years honoring cultures both inside and outside of the United States through American Tribal Style® and lively world music.  We take pride in our certified instruction and our dynamic performances, so naturally, we share our family-friendly experiences all over the country and our hometown, Fayetteville, Arkansas.